The following links take you to a variety of videos or video sources that may be of interest to parents or professionals.

This short video presents a theory of change regarding supporting parents to build healthier children.

This wonderful video from the Search Institute gives kindergarten children’s perspectives about how adults can show they care.

This short video talks about how to ensure our children have the assets they need to grow and thrive.

This wonderful website has super information for parents on building attachment with their baby, the importance of play, and baby health. here are a few links, but there are many more short videos that give information on love, health, listening  etc.

A super website featuring videos for Dads.

A wonderful video that illustrates interactions between newborns and the adults around them as an indication of how little ones learn about the world around them.

A real-life video of how children step out into their world, but still require the safety zone of their parents.

A more academic video that discusses how children’s brain develop.

This wonderful documentary from CBC explores the challenges today’s parents are facing.

Psychologist and author of “Hold Onto Your Kids”

Gordon Neufeld, PhD Psychologist and Author, shares advice for parents on how to develop a good attachment with his or her child including various steps

Gordon Neufeld, PhD Psychologist and Author, introduces parents to what they need to understand about PreSchoolers. The full course is available at local libraries.

Gordon Neufeld talks about peer orientation and how what kids really need is close relationships with their parents not their friends

Dr. Gordon Neufeld speaks at The Dalai Lama Center about Anxiety in Children and Youth.

This is a 10-minute preview of the Making Sense of Discipline course. The full video is available as part of the Neufeld Virtual Campus’ Continuing Education.

Gordon Neufeld, PhD Psychologist & Author, shares advice for parents on why time-outs are not a good form of discipline to use with kids

Jennifer Kolari, child and family therapist and author of “Connected Parenting: How to Raise a Great Kid,” describes how to practise her CALM technique