Langley Children Support

Support for School Age Children

  1. Aboriginal Mental Health Liaison Program provides mental health support services for aboriginal families living in Langley to Boston Bar region. Their primary role is to help access existing community mental health programs and Aboriginal services.
  2. Child and Youth Mental Health - provides  direct and contracted community-based services to children, youth under the age of 19 and their families
  3. Lower Fraser Valley Aboriginal Society - promotes, supports and advocates for services
    to meet the needs of our Aboriginal families in Langley.  
  4. Ishtar Transition House – Provides short-term education, information and supportive counselling on an individual or group basis to children who have witnessed or experienced abuse.
  5. Langley Association for Community Living – Provides a wide range of services and supports to children and youth with special needs and adults with developmental disabilities.
  6. Langley Child Development Centre – Provides a range of services required to support children and youth (birth – 19 years) with developmental delays and/or special needs.  Programs include the Infant Development Program (home visits, assessments, drop in playgroups), Supported Child Development Program (support in preschool and daycares) and Aboriginal Infant and Supported Child Development (home and centre visits as well as Aboriginal Family Nights and playgroups).
  7. Langley Youth and Family Services - Fraser Valley Aboriginal Society
  8. Reach Child and Youth Development Program – Offers a variety of programs designed to meet a wide range of developmental needs, including services for children and youth with autism.
  9. SASS Program – Provides professional counselling, education and support for children and youth up to the age of 19 years who have experienced sexual abuse and sexual assault.
  10. The Centre for Child Development – Helps children with the most complex and severe development disabilities. Using a multi-disciplinary approach that is tailored to meet each child’s unique circumstances, the centre provides therapy, care and support all under one umbrella.